Secret Shopper

Many reputable companies such as; retail sales and service industries, and businesses employ the services of a "Secret Shopper." It is used as a tool to improve customer service awareness and to help businesses increase sales, establish protocols and / or a plan of action.

At Star Protection Agency, we build a partnership with our clients by providing reliable professional services, which is the key to our success in customer satisfaction.

Our professional personnel are trained to assess the client staff and their service, including areas of sales and product knowledge. We work with our clients to customize forms and recognize areas of improvement.

The "Secret Shopper" will pose as a customer in your establishment. Detailed narratives of the assignment are documented in reports and are then provided to the company for review and evaluation.

The benefits of using Star's "Secret Shopper" service; it provides any service related industry with insight of the performance of their front line employees. In a third party perspective, our responses are fair and unbiased in regards to customer service and companies understand that a small investment in a "Secret Shopper" can have many financial long term benefits.

We at Star Protection Agency, continue to present all of our clients with specialized, personal and a unique style of service, which separates us from our competitors.

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