Investigative Services

Star Protection Agency offers a complete and comprehensive program in the area of Investigative Services. We provide services in all areas of criminal, employee related personnel complaints and /or misconduct, investigative surveillance for employers and civil matters. Our investigators are former law enforcement personnel with extensive backgrounds in the investigation of homicides, undetermined deaths, sex crimes, thefts, fraud, kidnappings, missing persons, child abductions, computer crimes, arson, explosives, workplace violence, personnel complaints, personnel misconduct, covert surveillance techniques and sexual harassment.

We also accommodate, assist with and conduct surveillance, install temporary electronic security equipment, gather and collate evidence in the areas of embezzlement, fraud and drug abuse. Our professional teams have and maintain contacts throughout the United States exercising discretion and confidentiality in all cases. They are also experienced in testifying in court proceedings, hearings and depositions. All investigative work is supported with reports, tape recordings, video, photographs and / or diagrams. Star's clients include government agencies, attorneys, private individuals and other businesses. Services include, but are not limited to:

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Consultation & Pre-Litigation

Star Protection Agency can assist and collaborate with your legal team in criminal and civil investigations, provide expert opinions, perform and provide fact-finding assessments. In addition to the years of experience in the law enforcement, investigative and security fields, our consulting team members carry the Certified Protection Professional designation, the premier certification offered by ASIS International. We can provide Curriculum Vitae sheets upon request.

Star Protection Agency can perform a comprehensive security survey, including analysis of historical data, RFP consultation, comparative bench-marking, background checks, and the development of security Standard Operating Procedures.