Patrol Services

Our Patrol personnel are senior members of our staff and are on the road 24 hours per day. These experienced supervisors (can) provide thorough (mobile) security (checks-patrols) for properties (which/that) may not need (delete?or can't afford) a full-time security officer.

Our patrol staff is able to provide assistance in the areas of physical security checks, alarm response, lock and unlock service, parking control, removal of unauthorized persons from a property and issue trespass warnings  (respond to intrusion alarms instead of calling police which may alleviate false alarm fines),  and emergency response. When an incident arises, they can be dispatched to a particular location to ensure that the situation is handled properly and efficiently and that all of the correct information is put into a report to our client. This program has proven its worth to our customers many times over and we have had nothing but positive feedback.